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The online course consists of six interactive sessions that you complete yourself on a computer. Each session will take at least 45 minutes and you’ll need to complete one a week. Each week you’ll also log in to a one-hour live online discussion with other parents and a course facilitator, where you can follow-up on the completed session.

The course includes interactive content, videos, information and ideas to try at home. The group discussions allow you to speak directly to a helpful expert each week who will be able to answer questions and assist you and other parents and carers to share their best ideas.

This course is ideal if you need more flexible course timings and like doing things at your own pace.


If you are a parent or carer living or working in Camden, Middlesbrough or High Peak in Derbyshire with a child of five or under, you can enrol on one of our online courses absolutely free. Collect your free voucher worth £100 from most local Boots, childrens centres or doctor's surgeries. If you have a voucher enrol on an online course.

If you are a parent or carer in any other borough and would like more information contact us or enrol on one of our online courses for a fee.


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Courses to be arranged by the Race Equality Foundation at specified dates. Courses will be facilitated by Race Equality Foundation accredited facilators. Courses are a part of the Strengthening Families Strengthening Communities Inclusive Parent Programme. For more information visit our website About us.